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When can I get expedited SSI benefits?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2017 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

For some Oklahomans, being approved for Supplemental Security Income is one step in the process of meeting their needs for help. They also need to have the SSI-related benefits provided as quickly as possible. These individuals and their families must understand that it is possible to have expedited payments of SSI benefits, but there are certain situations in which it can be done. They are: if there is a presumptive disability or presumptive blindness payment; if it is an emergency advance payment; if it is an immediate payment; and if it is an expedited reinstatement payment. This post will center around PD and PB.

If the SSI will be due to disability or blindness, the Social Security Administration can make PD or PB payments for as long as six months while the decision is made whether the person should receive SSI. The condition itself and its severity will be the basis for expedited payments and the likelihood of an eventual approval. This is not contingent on financial necessity.

A person can also get SSI benefits immediately if they allege to have one or more of the following: leg amputation at the hip; total deafness; total blindness; bed confinement and immobility without assistance of crutches, a walker or wheelchair because of a longstanding condition separate from an accident or recent surgical procedure; stroke more than three months before and difficulty in using extremities or walking; cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or muscular atrophy and trouble walking, speaking or coordinating hands or arms.

It can also be provided immediately with allegations of: down syndrome; severe mental deficiency with another person filing for someone who is at least seven-years-old; a child who has not reached age one and there is evidence of the birth weight being below two pounds, 10 ounces when born; other age and birth weight issues; HIV or AIDS; a physician confirming that the person is terminal and the life expectancy is six months or less; spinal cord injury with an inability to move without use of a walker or other devices; end stage renal disease with the need for dialysis; or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

People whose situations fall into the above categories should know that it is possible to receive expedited SSI benefits. A legal professional can help with a case in which expedited benefits are necessary or in any other situation. Discussing the case with an attorney who understands all aspects of SSI Supplemental Security Income is a key to the claim.

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