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Important points about a review of SSI benefits

On Behalf of | May 19, 2017 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Oklahomans who meet the requirements to receive Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program should understand that the benefits will not continue indefinitely. Being approved for SSI benefits carries with it certain factors that must be accounted for. One is the review of the medical condition to decide if the person should continue getting the benefits. Failure to understand this can be problematic.

Those who have been approved and are receiving SSI benefits must have their conditions reviewed on a periodic basis. The benefits will continue except in cases where there is significant evidence that the condition has improved medically and the person is deemed able to get back to work. These reviews will be conducted based on the medical condition, its severity, and how likely it is that there will be improvement.

When the SSI award notice is received, it will inform the claimant when the first review is probably going to be conducted. If medical improvement is expected with a certain amount of time, the first review will take place between six and 18 months from when the benefits started. If improvement is considered possible, the case will be reviewed every three years. If improvement is not expected, the case will be reviewed once every five to seven years.

When there is a review, the person will receive a letter to that effect. A representative will contact the person and explain his or her rights to appeal if the benefits stop after the review. The person will be asked for information about the treatment being received and any work done while getting benefits. A disability examiner and a doctor will go over the file and ask for medical reports. The person might need a special examination. If one is needed, the Social Security Administration will pay for the exam as well as all or some of the costs to get to the exam location. The person will receive a letter when the decision is made and instructions on how to appeal if the benefits are stopped.

SSI benefits can be a lifeline to those who receive it. When these benefits are up for review, it can be a worrisome time. This is exacerbated if the review takes place and the benefits stop. To have a full grasp on how the SSI review can be handled, speaking to an attorney experienced in cases involving SSI Supplemental Security Income is important to be prepared and deal with the process from start to end.

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