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Can SSI benefits continue for a person who is in a facility?

Some Oklahomans have medical or personal issues that require them to be placed in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation center. If they are receiving Supplemental Security Income, this can be a concern as to whether they can continue to get their benefits. The Social Security Administration has certain requirements for this eventuality and it is important to understand them so as not to have a problem with the SSI benefits.

Important points about a review of SSI benefits

Oklahomans who meet the requirements to receive Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program should understand that the benefits will not continue indefinitely. Being approved for SSI benefits carries with it certain factors that must be accounted for. One is the review of the medical condition to decide if the person should continue getting the benefits. Failure to understand this can be problematic.

What is the representative payee program with SSI benefits?

When Oklahomans receive Supplemental Security Income under the Social Security disability program, they might be in such condition that they will not be deemed able to manage the benefits on their own. If that is determined to be the case, then there will be the appointment of a representative payee. A representative payee can be an individual, an agency, an organization or an institution. Prior to a representative payee being appointed, the medical evidence and other factors will be assessed to decide on the person's ability to manage the SSI benefits.

What is the Compassionate Allowances program for SSD benefits?

People in Oklahoma who have an injury, illness or condition that prevents them from working can seek disability benefits from Social Security. While there is often a wait time to be approved for SSD benefits, there are some applicants who need their benefits faster than others. This can be because the conditions from which they suffer are of sufficient severity and progress with such rapidity that they are deemed to have met the requirements and will get their benefits without the normal amount of time elapsed. This is through the Compassionate Allowances program.

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