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Will a person get more SSD benefits if her illness worsens?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness


There is nothing more important to many Oklahoma residents than their personal health and well-being. Accordingly, when individuals are suffering from a disability or illness, it is vital that they be able to take the time and effort necessary to focus on their health and well-being. A major part of this may be receiving Social Security disability benefits for an illness, in order to address the financial concerns that can be present when a person is suffering from a disability or illness.

As discussed previously in this blog, SSD benefits are typically based on a person’s disability and inability to work. There are eligibility requirements that must be met before the individual can qualify for SSD benefits, including an assessment of whether the person can do the work he or she previously performed or whether he or she can perform other work. Aside from the work requirements, there are also requirements that apply in meeting the definition of a disability, including conditions on how long the disability has lasted or is expected to last.

Of course, there can be changes to a person’s life, including in their health, after they begin receiving SSD benefits. For instance, some individuals have a progressive illness, which becomes worse over time and causes the person to become more ill and receive more care.

In these circumstances where a person’s health declines, however, individuals typically will not receive more SSD benefits. The payment amount is based upon the person’s past work history, and therefore a worsening of the individual’s health will not mean the person is entitled to receive more benefits.

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