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Getting a successful claim for OK Social Security disability

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | Social Security Disability

Patience is a virtue for Oklahoma residents. However, even the most patient person simply cannot wait when the situation is serious, such as when individuals are out of work and waiting for Social Security Disability benefits.

Despite the importance of Social Security Disability benefits, which can provide a financial lifeline to those whose income is limited because of an inability to work, the process to obtain benefits can take some time. This is particularly true as of late, because of a reported backlog in the system that has resulted in a several-month wait for many individuals just to get a hearing.

Typically, when a person files for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, it takes some time to obtain a hearing. The particular time will depend on different factors, including the details of the claim itself and the location of the country in which a person is requesting a hearing, as certain jurisdictions may be more backlogged than others. After the hearing, it may take a month or two, or perhaps longer, to obtain a decision on the application for benefits.

When the individual is denied Social Security benefits, the person then has 60 days to file a request for reconsideration. As discussed previously in this blog, individuals have other rights of appeal if their application is denied again.

Ultimately, Congressional action may be necessary to reduce the backlog in some parts of the country. Until that happens, individuals should obtain assistance in bringing their claim for benefits. This will ensure that their claim is presented properly and the process moves as quickly as possible for the person to obtain the benefits he or she needs.

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