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Social Security disability benefits are not just for adults

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Injuries

There are few things more important to Oklahoma residents than their children. Oklahoma residents do what they can to provide for their children, which can be very difficult at times, particularly when a person is going through tough circumstances. Fortunately, there is help available that can help parents provide for themselves and their children.

Take, for instance, a person who is injured or disabled, and the injury or disability causes the person to suffer lost wages due to a job loss. While this can be a difficult situation to manage, individuals may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits for injuries, which can help provide some financial help to better manage the situation.

While individuals may be aware of these benefits, they may be less familiar with the fact that children can also gain advantages through Social Security disability benefits. About 3.4 million children nationwide receive Social Security benefits because their parent passed away, is disabled or is taking retiree benefits. The majority of these children are receiving Social Security disability benefits because of a disabled parent. Typically, children of disabled parents can receive 50 percent of the parent’s primary insurance amount, which is the same level retired workers receive.

Of course, children can also receive Social Security benefits because of their own disabilities. About 1.3 million children received SSI benefits due to a disability or blindness.

Ultimately, the above numbers demonstrate that Social Security benefits can help children in much the same way it can help adults. When disabilities or injuries occur, children still need to be provided for, and Social Security disability benefits can be a major contributor to this financial assistance that is needed.

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