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New studies may unlock causes of schizophrenia

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits For Illness

Gains in genetic research may not only unlock medical mysteries, they may lead to relief for countless people suffering from mental health conditions. One example of such gains can be seen in research to determine the origins and causes of schizophrenia. While so many people are estimated to suffer from the condition (about 24 million worldwide) there are ostensibly many different forms that are attributed to it.

Because of this, researchers have taken due course to learn about potential genetic mutations that could lead to schizophrenia. A number of studies are currently being conducted to pinpoint and classify these abnormalities so that proper medications may be applied.  For example, a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine study found how a gene called 15q11.2 influence brain development in those suffering from schizophrenia. Another study identified more than 80 different genes that could be attributable to the condition.

Researchers hope that this latest line of study will lead to changes in how schizophrenia is diagnosed and treated. After all, the discovery of genetic clues only goes so far, but they provide insight into how the condition may manifest itself. The differences in that come with properly identifying forms of schizophrenia may lead to individualized treatments.

In the meantime, schizophrenia is still considered a mental health condition that can persist for 12 months or more, which could make a person eligible for Social Security disability benefits. If you have questions about your eligibility for such benefits, or how the application process works, an experienced disability benefits attorney can help. 

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