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How disability benefits can help people suffering from PTSD

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Social Security Disability

People who have experienced a major, traumatic event are likely to suffer post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those dealing with PTSD can possibly suffer depression, withdraw from friends and loved ones and are more susceptible to other neurological issues. They may have difficulty sleeping, they may have emotional issues and may not know why. Moreover, their emotional issues may prevent them from obtaining or keeping gainful employment.

However, the more we learn about post traumatic stress disorder, the more it has become acceptable to find treatments for the condition. This is where Social Security disability benefits come in. These benefits help disabled people meet their basic needs, such as paying rent or mortgage payments, purchasing food and maintaining utilities. 

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining Social Security benefits can be long and arduous. Many people who are denied upon their first application feel like giving up. They may not understand how the schedule of ailments and disabilities may work, or what initial processers are looking for in order to weed out ineligible applicants. Additionally, unrepresented applicants may not understand how to explain their work experience and why it matters in determining whether they are eligible for benefits.

 Nevertheless, the help of an experienced disability attorney can help people move past the red tape and get the benefits that they need. A skilled lawyer can assist in getting the medical records necessary to support a disability benefits application, and provide professional representation at all stages of the process, including reconsiderations, ALJ hearings, and proceedings in U.S. District Court.

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