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What is a compassionate allowance?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Any disability can effect an Oklahoma resident’s life and may keep them from getting or holding down a job. If a person’s disabling condition meets the definition of a disability, as set by the Social Security Administration, they may be entitled to receive disability benefits. However, for many individuals who apply for disability support from the Social Security Administration, an assessment or evaluation of their disability evidence must be completed before they are granted help.

Not everyone who seeks disability benefits will receive them because their medical histories, doctors’ evaluations and other evidence may not support such action. Individuals with certain illnesses and injuries, though, may be automatically approved for disability benefits, if their disabling conditions appear on the compassionate allowance list.

Disabilities included on the compassionate allowance list cover certain cancers, brain injuries and conditions and other rare and serious disabilities. Adults and sometimes even children who have these and other listed disorders do not have to wait for long assessments by Social Security Administration employees: by virtue of their serious diagnoses, they may automatically be granted approval for the disability benefits that they need.

Compassionate allowance disorders are very serious, often rare, and greatly affect the lives of those who suffer from them. An individual must be able to show that they have a disorder on the compassionate allowance list in order to be fast-tracked for benefits. Whether a person has a compassionate allowance disorder or not should not stop them from investigating whether they may be eligible for disability benefits.