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Should I worry if my SSD benefits are being reviewed?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Oklahomans who are receiving Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income might be concerned if they are informed by the Social Security Administration that their benefits will be reviewed. This is a normal part of receiving disability benefits and is not a matter of overt concern when it happens. However, it is important to understand the process, how it works, and what to do.

When there is a review, the SSA will look for improvement in the injury, illness or condition that warranted the SSD benefits. If there was no improvement, the disability payments will continue. The frequency of the reviews is contingent on the medical issues that led to the benefits. If the person’s problems are expected to improve, the initial review will be within six to 18 months after the disability first occurred. If improvement is a possibility but there is no way to accurately predict it, the case will be reviewed every three years. Finally, if there is no expected improvement, the case will be reviewed every seven years.

At the review, the person will be asked about the medical condition, how it affects them and if there has been improvement. The SSA will request names of medical sources and other contact information for those who provided treatment. The medical records must be provided. For those who have been able to work since they received disability benefits and the time of the review, the SSA will need information about when the person worked, the income received, and the kind of work that was done. There will be an option to appeal when there is a review and the SSD benefits are stopped.

It is a natural reaction to be concerned that the SSD benefits will stop when there is a review. However, this is not guaranteed. The situation will determine whether the benefits will continue or not. To understand the entire process, a lawyer experienced in Social Security disability and SSI can help.

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