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Can I get SSD benefits for obsessive-compulsive mental disorder?

Mental illness can be difficult to pinpoint and define. Often, Oklahomans who are suffering from it are not even aware that it can reach the severity to warrant getting Social Security disability benefits. One mental disorder that afflicts many people is obsessive-compulsive disorder, otherwise known as OCD. Having OCD can result in an approval for SSD benefits if all the necessary criteria are met.

It may be best to file concurrent SSI and SSDI claims

The Social Security Administration accepts and processes claims for both Social Security Disability Insurance benefits as well as benefits under the Supplement Security Income program. At times, a concurrent claim under both programs is appropriate.

What is monthly wage reporting when getting SSI benefits?

Oklahomans who have been approved for Supplemental Security Income already know that the benefits are based on financial need and are for people who have a disability, are 65 or older or are blind. The resources a person has available will largely dictate what they receive in SSI-related benefits. To ensure that recipients are getting what they are supposed to when they are supposed to get it, it is necessary to take part in monthly wage reporting. At the start of each month, the SSI recipient will report his or her wages to the Social Security Administration. This is a requirement under the law. The wages might or might not affect the amount the person gets. The SSA will factor in expenses that are paid so the person can work.

How to survive while your social security case is pending

Many people take advantage of social security benefits in Oklahoma. However, there are numerous laws and regulations concerning the area, and many people receive a denial initially when they make a claim. Appeals are certainly possible, but this is time-consuming. Many people struggle to stay afloat while awaiting a final decision. 

Understanding medical equivalence when seeking SSD benefits

Oklahomans who are injured, ill or suffering from a condition that results in an inability to work should know that they can seek Social Security disability benefits. However, the Listing of Impairments does not always specifically address the person's specific issues. It is then that the medical equivalence becomes important. Knowing what the medical equivalence is and how it can apply is vital to meeting the requirements to get an approval for benefits. An impairment is found to be at least equal to an impairment that is on the Listings if it is viewed as having the same severity and duration. Then it will meet the criteria of medical equivalence.

Can I get SSI benefits if I am not a U.S. citizen?

People in Oklahoma who are not U.S. citizens but are in the country legally should be aware that they can get Supplemental Security Income if they meet the requirements. Since SSI is for people who fall under certain income requirements, are blind or are 65 or older, these benefits can be beneficial. For noncitizens, it is vital to understand how to qualify.

Can expenses that allow me to work affect my SSI benefits?

Many Oklahomans who are seeking or already receiving Supplemental Security Income are physically able to work while getting benefits. However, their issues are such that they still have expenses to account for their impairment to work. Known as impairment related work expenses, generally, the Social Security Administration can deduct these costs when the determination is made as to how much SSI the recipient will get. This allows the SSA to not count all earnings and will not reduce the SSI by as much.

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