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Who is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?

For those individuals who work hard for their living, a severe injury can prevent them from providing for themselves and their loved one. Fortunately, there are government programs that can assist people who are in these types of situations. One such program is the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

This government program provides benefits to disabled individuals who are qualified to receive them. The question then becomes, who is actually eligible for these benefits?

Applying for social security benefits

Whatever disability or disorder you suffer from, remember that there is help in the form of social security benefits available to you. Understanding how to apply, where to apply, and why consulting with an attorney during this process is key to making sure you receive the proper benefits. 

Do I qualify for disability if I have a mental illness?

Did you know that you can apply for social security disability benefits if you have a mental illness and meet the established standards?

If you used to work and cannot any more due to your long term and potentially fatal medical condition you may be able to apply for benefits. 

Three myths about qualifying for disability

Health is a precious thing. If you lose it to a long term illness, it is life altering. It can cost you your plans, your job, and potentially your life. You and your family may need to seek financial relief.

Disability benefits are one option, but the application process is complicated and confusing. This has created a number of misunderstandings, including the following myths. 

Do I qualify for disability if I have a mental illness?

You, like many others, may think you need to have a debilitating physical injury to apply for social security disability benefits. You actually can apply for benefits if you have a mental illness and meet the established standards. 

These standards are based on your ability to work. If you used to work and cannot any more due to your medical condition you may qualify. But, you can't have the ability to shift into a different position or job. And, you need to have a long term and potentially fatal illness lasting at least a year.

What options do you have after suffering a work-related injury?

Many Oklahoma residents work hard for years to build a career and earn a living for themselves and their families. A person's job may be a significant part of his or her identity, or at least it consumes a substantial amount of the person's time. As a result, when someone suffers a work-related injury, it can send shockwaves through the individual's personal and professional life.

While individuals may believe it is unlikely that they will suffer a work-related injury, the statistics show otherwise. According to a recent study conducted by the United States Department of Labor, private employers reported more than 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses in 2013. This number actually represented a decrease from the year before, although the specific numbers varied by sector.

Will a person get more SSD benefits if her illness worsens?

There is nothing more important to many Oklahoma residents than their personal health and well-being. Accordingly, when individuals are suffering from a disability or illness, it is vital that they be able to take the time and effort necessary to focus on their health and well-being. A major part of this may be receiving Social Security disability benefits for an illness, in order to address the financial concerns that can be present when a person is suffering from a disability or illness.

As discussed previously in this blog, SSD benefits are typically based on a person's disability and inability to work. There are eligibility requirements that must be met before the individual can qualify for SSD benefits, including an assessment of whether the person can do the work he or she previously performed or whether he or she can perform other work. Aside from the work requirements, there are also requirements that apply in meeting the definition of a disability, including conditions on how long the disability has lasted or is expected to last.

Get the New Year started off right with SSI benefits

The New Year has brought new life changes for many Oklahoma residents. Some are experiencing new or existing challenges as well, however, including those who are facing financial hurdles. This is particularly true for older individuals who are disabled and living on a limited income.

Fortunately, help is available for certain individuals who are facing these financial challenges. If a person is over 65 years old and is blind or has a disability, they can apply for Supplemental Security Income, otherwise known as SSI benefits.

Where to turn when a disability occurs

As Oklahoma residents know, there are many major changes that occur over the course of a person's life. New members join individuals' families through births, marriages or otherwise, while others pass away over time. Many individuals decide to change jobs over the years, which can bring about changes in a family's income.

Of course, one of the most major changes are those dealing with a person's health. Disabilities strike many Oklahoma residents based on various health conditions. When this occurs, it can fundamentally alter the individual's personal life, as well as his or her ability to perform work and earn a living.

What financial help is available for those with a disability?

The future is bright for many young Oklahoma residents. At the same time, however, it is important to plan for unexpected adverse events that can happen in the future, and to understand how a person can protect himself or herself if these events actually happen.

One such event is a disability, which can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration, about one in four individuals at age 20 will become disabled by the time they are 67 years of age.

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