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What can I do if I think discrimination affected by SSD benefits?

Social Security disability benefits are often an important part of maintaining an individual's financial lifeline. Without them, Oklahoma residents who are unable to work may be left without the resources they need to secure housing, pay their utilities, and put food on their tables. While not every application for disability benefits will fulfill the requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration, individuals should not have their request for disability benefits denied due to discrimination.

Understanding Social Security's Ticket to Work program

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an important government benefit that many Americans rely on when they lose their ability to work due to crippling and life-altering disabilities. Oklahoma residents who receive SSDI understand its critical role in the lives of men and women who cannot get out and make enough money on which to survive. A person can receive SSDI for their entire life if they qualify, though some individuals look for ways to regain some of their autonomy and find placements in the work force.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

Understanding all of the acronyms that attach to different government programs can be confusing for individuals who just need help getting by. Particularly with regard to disability programs offered by the Social Security Administration, knowing what an Oklahoma resident may qualify for can be a tough matter to assess. This post will discuss a few of the differences that exist between Social Security's disability benefits program and supplemental income program.

Can a criminal record affect disability benefits?

A criminal record can be a detriment to a person's future capacity to find work. However, if a person with a criminal record is unable to work due to a disability, they may still be able to collect disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. There are certain legal issues though, that could prevent an Oklahoma resident from getting benefits due to their alleged criminal involvement.

What is the special SSI rule on blindness?

Under the rules of the Social Security Administration, blindness is more than just a person's complete lack of vision. It is also a significant limitation on a person's vision that cannot be corrected with surgery or glasses, contacts or other corrective lenses. Many people who meet the Social Security Administration's definition of blindness have significant trouble working and holding down a job.

Defining disability under the Social Security Administration

As readers of this Oklahoma City Social Security disability benefits legal blog are likely aware, disability benefits are often available to men and women who are not able to work because they suffer from disabling injuries, illnesses and medical conditions. In order to avail themselves to these benefits, individuals must first apply and meet the requirements of the Social Security Administration. One of the most important requirements that they must meet is the agency's definition of disability.

What steps may be taken if my disability case is being reviewed?

Oklahoma City residents who apply for Social Security disability benefits want to have their applications approved the first time they are received by the Social Security Administration so that they experience no delays in the payment of the support they need. However, not all requests for benefits are approved on first pass and many go through an extensive review process before they are granted. This post will offer an overview of the review steps a claim may go through if it is denied upon its initial consideration.

Legal assistance for SSD benefits due to physical issues

When an Oklahoman is suffering from a disability, it is crucial to understand how to go about getting Social Security disability benefits. Often, the issue with an approval or a denial for SSD benefits is not the disability itself, but filing the application correctly. Knowing how the process works when seeking benefits for a physical disability or impairment is key to getting beyond the first steps in the process.

How are epileptic seizures evaluated when seeking SSD benefits?

Oklahomans can suffer from a wide range of conditions and illnesses and many will warrant an approval for Social Security disability benefits. With any of these situations, it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration goes about evaluating the person to determine if they meet the requirements to get benefits. One condition that can warrant benefits is epilepsy. Those who have seizures that are recurrent and unprovoked from abnormal activity in the brain are epileptic. For adults, there are two common seizures that are considered potentially disabling: generalized tonic-clonic and dyscognitive.

Should I worry if my SSD benefits are being reviewed?

Oklahomans who are receiving Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income might be concerned if they are informed by the Social Security Administration that their benefits will be reviewed. This is a normal part of receiving disability benefits and is not a matter of overt concern when it happens. However, it is important to understand the process, how it works, and what to do.

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