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What steps may be taken if my disability case is being reviewed?

Oklahoma City residents who apply for Social Security disability benefits want to have their applications approved the first time they are received by the Social Security Administration so that they experience no delays in the payment of the support they need. However, not all requests for benefits are approved on first pass and many go through an extensive review process before they are granted. This post will offer an overview of the review steps a claim may go through if it is denied upon its initial consideration.

Legal assistance for SSD benefits due to physical issues

When an Oklahoman is suffering from a disability, it is crucial to understand how to go about getting Social Security disability benefits. Often, the issue with an approval or a denial for SSD benefits is not the disability itself, but filing the application correctly. Knowing how the process works when seeking benefits for a physical disability or impairment is key to getting beyond the first steps in the process.

How are epileptic seizures evaluated when seeking SSD benefits?

Oklahomans can suffer from a wide range of conditions and illnesses and many will warrant an approval for Social Security disability benefits. With any of these situations, it is important to understand how the Social Security Administration goes about evaluating the person to determine if they meet the requirements to get benefits. One condition that can warrant benefits is epilepsy. Those who have seizures that are recurrent and unprovoked from abnormal activity in the brain are epileptic. For adults, there are two common seizures that are considered potentially disabling: generalized tonic-clonic and dyscognitive.

Should I worry if my SSD benefits are being reviewed?

Oklahomans who are receiving Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income might be concerned if they are informed by the Social Security Administration that their benefits will be reviewed. This is a normal part of receiving disability benefits and is not a matter of overt concern when it happens. However, it is important to understand the process, how it works, and what to do.

Don't make these mistakes with Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is the insurance the federal government provides if you become disabled. No one wants to think about this possibility, but, unfortunately, the reality is that many people will have to face it as they age.

How to survive when waiting for the outcome of an SSDI case

Social security benefits are available to people who have been seriously injured and will most likely be unable to work ever again. While it helps people stay afloat, a recent article in The Washington Post shows how many disability recipients never lose the desire to get back into the workforce. 

Understanding past work experience with SSD benefits

When seeking Social Security disability benefits in Oklahoma, the sequential process used by the Social Security Administration is imperative to the case. Step 4 is important as it assesses the past work experience of the applicant and determines if the past work is relevant to the current case. There are certain criteria that must be met to move forward with the case.

A lawyer can help avoid mistakes when applying for SSD benefits

It is an unfortunate reality that a large portion of Oklahomans and people across the nation who seek Social Security disability benefits are denied these benefits. The reason for the denial is not because their medical issues are not sufficient enough to be approved, but because they failed to follow the proper procedures when applying. People who make mistakes on the application or during the process find themselves deprived of SSD benefits they sorely need and have to restart the process or become discouraged and quit entirely. To avoid this fate, it is wise to have legal help from the start and to follow the basic steps.

Top 3 reasons for denial of SSDI benefits

Applying for social security disability benefits seems daunting for anyone even if they are completely in the right to apply. The fact that everyone pays into the program makes it seem all the more frustrating that it can take over a year to hear a decision. The program is also facing an unprecedented backlog of applications to file through. 

What should I know about SSD benefits for veterans with P&T?

Veterans who are deemed to have 100 percent permanent and total (P&T) disability might be able to get Social Security disability benefits. Oklahomans who served in the military and were injured or became ill as a result and are given this designation should be aware of the rules for SSD benefits. Disability benefits are paid by the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration. There are, however, different criteria for the claimant to get benefits. There is no guarantee that a person who is declared 100 percent P&T will get SSD benefits.

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