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More disabled characters to be seen on television shows this fall

It will be a number of weeks before we know which new shows will survive the fall season, but one thing is clear from the outset. There will be more characters with disabilities portrayed on network shows this year compared to last year. This news comes courtesy of, which highlighted a report produced by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

Senate report reveals struggles that disabled people still have

It is no secret that disabled people in America face discrimination in the workplace. They have a tough time finding employment because of how they are perceived by employers of not being able to do the job or being too much trouble given the need for them to have time off every once in a while.

More benefits paid under children's SSI than welfare

In what began in the mid 1970's as a small program to help disabled children in the nation's poorest families has reportedly grown to be the nation's largest source for monthly benefits. A recent report from the Boston Globe has chronicled the dramatic growth of the children's Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.

How to deal with an appeals wait time without losing your mind

It can be a frustrating experience applying for Social Security disability benefits. The amount of information that is required along with the scrutiny that comes with determining whether a claimant is actually disabled can wear at a person and make them believe that they will never be granted benefits.

When will I receive my disability payment?

If you have made it through the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits, and have been approved, you likely have a great weight of worry lifted off of your shoulders. However, the main point of applying for benefits is to get them; and it can be nerve wracking waiting for them to begin. So many people have the question: when am I supposed to get my first check?

Separating truth from political fiction about SSDI

For many Americans, Labor Day signifies three things: the unofficial end of summer, the beginning of football season, and the beginning of a barrage political commercials that will last until November. While many people are not worried about (or really care about) politics, candidates want to sell you on what you should be afraid of, and that they have the solution to ease your fears.

Knowing the basics of Social Security disability benefits

Sometimes knowing the basics of Social Security disability benefits can make petitioning for such benefits a bit easier. Because of this, we find it helpful to answer some basic questions about the definition of disability, why it is important to apply for disability benefits, and what the average award is.

Methods of appeal for denied disability petitions

Having an initial petition for Social Security disability benefits denied is certainly not the end of the road. For one, it is unfortunately common for disability petitions to be denied at first glance. The Social Security Administration denies a majority of such petitions each year. Nevertheless, federal law allows for a number of opportunities for claimants to have their benefits petitions reviewed. This post will highlight the levels of appeals petitioners can take advantage of. 

How disability benefits can help people suffering from PTSD

People who have experienced a major, traumatic event are likely to suffer post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Those dealing with PTSD can possibly suffer depression, withdraw from friends and loved ones and are more susceptible to other neurological issues. They may have difficulty sleeping, they may have emotional issues and may not know why. Moreover, their emotional issues may prevent them from obtaining or keeping gainful employment.

Disney seeks dismissal of disability access discrimination suit

Disney quietly has been under fire for its new policy at its theme parks for how it accommodates children with disabilities at Disneyland  and Walt Disney World. Under its previous policy, parents with disabled children could skip ahead in lines at attractions. However, in a broad change to its policy last fall, line skipping was significantly curtailed. Instead, disabled children could obtain a card that would allow them to return at a later time so that they would not have to wait in such long lines. According to Disney officials, the change was prompted by “widespread” abuse of the previous policy.

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