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A lawyer can help avoid mistakes when applying for SSD benefits

It is an unfortunate reality that a large portion of Oklahomans and people across the nation who seek Social Security disability benefits are denied these benefits. The reason for the denial is not because their medical issues are not sufficient enough to be approved, but because they failed to follow the proper procedures when applying. People who make mistakes on the application or during the process find themselves deprived of SSD benefits they sorely need and have to restart the process or become discouraged and quit entirely. To avoid this fate, it is wise to have legal help from the start and to follow the basic steps.

Top 3 reasons for denial of SSDI benefits

Applying for social security disability benefits seems daunting for anyone even if they are completely in the right to apply. The fact that everyone pays into the program makes it seem all the more frustrating that it can take over a year to hear a decision. The program is also facing an unprecedented backlog of applications to file through. 

What should I know about SSD benefits for veterans with P&T?

Veterans who are deemed to have 100 percent permanent and total (P&T) disability might be able to get Social Security disability benefits. Oklahomans who served in the military and were injured or became ill as a result and are given this designation should be aware of the rules for SSD benefits. Disability benefits are paid by the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration. There are, however, different criteria for the claimant to get benefits. There is no guarantee that a person who is declared 100 percent P&T will get SSD benefits.

Strategies that might decrease the wait time for SSD benefits

Oklahomans cannot help but see the repeated news reports about the extensive wait time that applicants for Social Security disability benefits must endure. It can be problematic for people who need the assistance that comes from SSD benefits to wait for time periods that can reach years. However, as the issue becomes more pronounced and the Social Security Administration is under greater scrutiny for it, people are actively seeking methods to get beyond the wait time if possible. While it can be difficult, there are circumstances under which it might be possible to decrease that wait time.

How Social Security Disability Insurance payments are calculated

Oklahomans who have either been approved for Social Security disability benefits or are seeking them should keep certain facts in mind as the process moves forward. One key factor with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is how the amount the recipient will get is determined. It is based on a formula that assesses various factors.

Can I complain if I believe the disability judge was unfair?

When Oklahoma residents are seeking Social Security disability benefits, the fate of the case is often in the hands of the Administrative Law Judge. The ALJs are people too and sometimes they make mistakes. Applicants have the right to file an appeal. However, it is also important to understand what recourse there is if it is believed that the ALJ treated an applicant unfairly. There are steps to take if this is the case and it could help to get SSD benefits.

Most people need to appeal an SSDI decision

Although many people require SSDI benefits, they do not receive approval after the initial application. Some estimates report that nearly 70 percent of people who apply for benefits receive denial the first time around. 

Helping Oklahomans over 50 get SSD benefits

For Oklahomans who are over the age of 50, the rules for Social Security Disability benefits differ slightly than they do for people under age 50. When a person over 50 thinks he or she does not quite qualify for SSD benefits, they might be mistaken because they are not fully aware of how the system works and what the requirements are. Having legal assistance to sift through all the issues can be beneficial and might help a person who would not get benefits if under the age of 50, get them because they are over the age of 50.

It may be best to file concurrent SSI and SSDI claims

The Social Security Administration accepts and processes claims for both Social Security Disability Insurance benefits as well as benefits under the Supplement Security Income program. At times, a concurrent claim under both programs is appropriate.

How to survive while your social security case is pending

Many people take advantage of social security benefits in Oklahoma. However, there are numerous laws and regulations concerning the area, and many people receive a denial initially when they make a claim. Appeals are certainly possible, but this is time-consuming. Many people struggle to stay afloat while awaiting a final decision. 

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