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SSD benefits recipients may want to consider ABLE accounts

A federal law passed in 2014 established ABLE accounts, which permit those who receive Social Security disability benefits to save a maximum of $100,000 in the ABLE account while still retaining their government benefits. ABLE accounts are offered by 42 states, including Oklahoma, and the District of Columbia. However, an analysis from the National Association of State Treasurers states that fewer people than anticipated have so far opened ABLE accounts.

Rule change may require English proficiency for older applicants

The United States of American is often described as a melting pot where individuals of different races and backgrounds, religions and beliefs, live together in a relatively harmonious shared community. This description accurately describes Oklahoma, where individuals of all walks of life come together in their places of employment, residential developments, and institutions of learning. It is not uncommon to hear different languages being spoken as one walks down the street or rides on a city bus.

What evidence is accepted for a disability benefits claim?

It can be hard to prove that a person has a disabling medical condition. When an Oklahoma resident begins to pull together the data and documentation that they have on their condition, they may be unsure as to whether it is sufficiently authoritative to carry weight with the Social Security Administration. Pursuant to guidance provided by that entity, certain medical professionals are considered acceptable sources of evidence for the purposes of establishing disabilities.

Getting through disability benefits appeals

Although going to work may not always be an Oklahoma resident's first choice of activity, most people enjoy the feeling of having a job and earning their own income. As children, individuals depend on their parents and other adults for support, and when a person is able to step out on their own and provide for their own needs they may feel a sense of accomplishment. Work is not always easy, but for many it is a necessary element of living the lives that they enjoy.

Reconsideration may help a denied disability benefits application

Any readers who follow this Oklahoma Social Security Disability benefits blog know that seeking support due to a disabling physical or mental condition is no easy task. The process of apply for Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income is lengthy and can require copious amounts of medical evidence. Even when a person builds a strong case for disability benefits they may at first have their application denied by the Social Security Administration.

Could a post or tweet lead to lost disability benefits?

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have drastically changed the ways that people communicate and interact. Through their social media accounts Oklahoma residents can keep in touch with their friends and loved ones, keep up on the news and offer their opinions on current event topics. It is an excellent way to share with others, but also a pervasive way for others to learn about strangers.

What is a trial work period?

Previous posts here have discussed a wide variety of topics related to disability benefits and the process of securing them from the Social Security Administration. A disabling illness or injury can be a major hurdle for Oklahoma residents to overcome in their efforts to live independently and make their own way. For some, finding work despite their disabilities may be a goal that they wish to achieve.

What happens if it is possible for a disability to get better?

Previous posts here have discussed how individual disability claims may be reviewed after they have been approved. Reviews are done to ensure that individuals are getting the support that they need, but also to ensure that individuals who are capable of working are seeking other means of financial support besides their SSDI payments. When a person is approved for disability benefits their ailment may be identified as one that will possibly improve, and that identification may influence when the person's case review is performed.

Factors considered during disability determination

Living with a disability can be a challenge for Oklahoma residents, particularly if they are unable to work because of their condition. Because individuals who suffer from disabling illnesses, injuries and impairments may not be able to support themselves by working, the Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to those who qualify. However, due to the many factors that are considered during a disability determination, disabled individuals may find that their claim for disability benefits has been rejected.

Hearing loss as a disabling condition

Individuals who have the full function of their five senses may take for granted the small smells, sounds and sights that they are exposed to each day. When Oklahoma residents lose the capacity to use one or more of their senses, their world may dull and their capacity to function in it may diminish. This is particularly true of hearing loss, a serious condition that can rob a person of their ability to hold down a job.

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