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Who is eligible for Supplemental Security Income?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a disability program administered by the Social Security Administration. Oklahoma residents who limited financial support or income may qualify for income from this program, if they are disabled, blind or over the age of 65 and meet several other important criteria. This post will briefly discuss the qualifications a person must meet to receive SSI, but readers are reminded that this post is not legal advice.

What work incentives are available if I get SSI benefits?

Oklahomans who are receiving Supplemental Security Income due to blindness, disability or being 65 or older and have limited resources might want to try and work. A common worry for these individuals is how that decision will hinder their SSI benefits. The Social Security Administration is aware of this conundrum and has taken steps to make it possible for people who are getting SSI to try and work with various work incentives. Understanding these work incentives is imperative before trying to get back to work.

Does sequential evaluation for SSI benefits apply to children?

Oklahomans who have a child under the age of 18 whom they believe should be eligible for Supplemental Security Income should understand certain basic facts about the process before they apply. One is that the basic tenets of applying for SSI benefits - the sequential evaluation - will apply to children just as it does to adults. Knowing the questions that will be asked based on sequential evaluation will provide a guideline as to whether the child meets the basic criteria and will allow the applicant to move forward with the process.

Can a youth set for release from foster care apply early for SSI?

When a disabled youth is in foster care in Oklahoma and is approaching the time when they will be released from the foster care system, they may be concerned about receiving Supplemental Security Income when they reach legal adulthood. To prevent a gap between the release from foster care and the beginning of SSI benefits, it is important to apply for the benefits before the anticipated release from foster care. Understanding the details of how to handle this issue is key.

Can a child of an overseas military member get SSI benefits?

In Oklahoma, people who are members of the U.S. military and have a child who has been approved for Supplemental Security Income might be concerned that an overseas deployment will leave their children unable to continue receiving benefits. There are certain rules for SSI that will prevent some people from meeting the requirements to be approved or to continue getting them. If a person getting SSI leaves the U.S. for a minimum of 30 days, the eligibility for SSI will generally end. However, the Social Security Administration has a special rule for children of military members.

When can I get expedited SSI benefits?

For some Oklahomans, being approved for Supplemental Security Income is one step in the process of meeting their needs for help. They also need to have the SSI-related benefits provided as quickly as possible. These individuals and their families must understand that it is possible to have expedited payments of SSI benefits, but there are certain situations in which it can be done. They are: if there is a presumptive disability or presumptive blindness payment; if it is an emergency advance payment; if it is an immediate payment; and if it is an expedited reinstatement payment. This post will center around PD and PB.

If I earn too much to keep SSI benefits, can I retain Medicaid?

People in Oklahoma who are getting Supplemental Security Income and would like to go back to work are often worried not just about how their earnings will affect their SSI benefits, but if it will impact getting Medicaid. Since Medicaid is often vital to the person's care and treatment, losing it can be problematic and might be a determinative factor in attempting to get back to work at all. Understanding the rules with working, getting SSI and Medicaid is imperative to a case.

Will an artist's income affect SSI-related benefits?

Not every Oklahoman who receives Supplemental Security Income works a regular job. Some people are in the creative industry and are artists. For those who work in the arts, the money received for artwork might not count against their SSI benefits when it is calculated how much they can receive. When working in the arts and making an income, it is imperative for the SSI recipient to understand how the Social Security Administration assesses this income.

Upcoming COLA will raise payments in SSI benefits

Oklahomans who are injured, ill or disabled and meet the necessary income thresholds can receive Supplemental Security Income through Social Security disability. SSI benefits are for people who have a limited income and are disabled, blind or over 65-years-old. Many people rely on SSI when they cannot work and are not able to support themselves. An issue that many face is that the SSI payments are not sufficient to cover their expenses.

What should I know about SSI benefits and prerelease procedures?

Oklahomans who are receiving Supplemental Security Income through the Social Security disability program might have medical issues that require inpatient treatment or some other form of institutionalization. A concern that frequently comes up is how they can get their SSI benefits quickly once they have been released. This is when it is important to understand the prerelease procedure.

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