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Depression may be amplified during the holidays

According to medical and mental health professionals, the holiday season can be an especially hard time of year for individuals who struggle with mental conditions, like depression. As stresses mount and concerns weigh heavily on the minds of Oklahoma residents, those who deal with mental illnesses may experience elevated symptoms and issues related to their conditions. Those extra symptoms may lead them to engage in dangerous and uncharacteristic behaviors that can put them in harm's way.

How does the SSA assess evidence about mental disorders?

Mental illness is a continuing problem for many people in Oklahoma and across the nation. If the problem is so severe that the person cannot work, it can warrant an approval for Social Security disability benefits. When filing for disability benefits, one of the key factors in getting approved is the evidence provided. For those with a mental disorder, it is imperative to provide sufficient evidence to have a good chance of getting the benefits. Before moving forward with a claim, it is useful to consult with a legal professional experienced in SSD cases.

Mental illness related to somatic disorders

For Oklahomans who believe they are suffering from mental illness and their issues are of sufficient severity that they warrant filing for disability benefits, it is important to understand their disorder and how it impacts their daily lives.

Applying for disability benefits if you have a mental illness

The stigma that once defined mental illness and how it impacted Oklahoma residents and people across the nation has largely dissipated. Increasingly, people from all walks of life are feeling emboldened to seek treatment when they are suffering from mental illness, emotional illness or any other issue that is not clear to the naked eye with physical manifestations. While these issues might not be obvious when looking at a person, they are undoubtedly real and can be just as severe and debilitating as physical impairments and conditions.

When is anxiety considered a disability?

Anxiety is more than just "feeling nervous." Pretty much all Oklahoma residents have experienced worry or concern about events that are outside of their control. When those events have passed most individuals will experience relief and their apprehension fades away. However, for individuals who live with anxiety disorders, that relief may not always come.

Personality disorders and disability benefits

Mental illnesses and disorders are common and affect the lives of many Oklahoma residents. While most people have heard of depression and anxiety as common afflictions that can impact individuals' ways of life, there are a number of other mental conditions that can adversely alter how individuals live and operate in their environments. Personality disorders are a class of conditions that may avail individuals to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Not all disabilities are readily apparent

Some illnesses and injuries ravage the bodies of their victims and leave them with obvious, visible scars. Oklahoma residents who have lived through surgeries and accidents, cancers and other physical illnesses, may show the signs of their traumas on their bodies. Their suffering may be inferred by those who do not know them, because of the signs they outwardly carry.

Is post-traumatic stress disorder a disability?

Soldiers returning home from war are sometimes described as "shell shocked" when they suffer from mental stresses and disorders due to the experiences they have had during their times of service. More accurately, they may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, a serious mental condition that is often referred to as the acronym PTSD. This disorder can affect anyone who has witnessed or survived a traumatic event and it may affect many residents of Oklahoma.

Applying for Social Security benefits for schizophrenia

If you suffer from schizophrenia, you know how debilitating it can be. It may impact your daily life and ability to work. Schizophrenia significantly affects your ability to perceive reality. You may be wondering if you can get Social Security benefits for your condition.

How does depression affect one's ability to work?

Everyone has good days and bad days. On a good day, an Oklahoma resident may feel confident and able to accomplish the tasks necessary to carry out their daily duties and reach their goals. On a bad day, they may not be able to handle simple tasks and may find that their attention is lacking when it comes to work that they may not want to do.

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