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Applying for Social Security benefits for schizophrenia

If you suffer from schizophrenia, you know how debilitating it can be. It may impact your daily life and ability to work. Schizophrenia significantly affects your ability to perceive reality. You may be wondering if you can get Social Security benefits for your condition.

How does depression affect one's ability to work?

Everyone has good days and bad days. On a good day, an Oklahoma resident may feel confident and able to accomplish the tasks necessary to carry out their daily duties and reach their goals. On a bad day, they may not be able to handle simple tasks and may find that their attention is lacking when it comes to work that they may not want to do.

Are disability benefits available for PTSD?

Not all illnesses are obvious to the human eye. In fact, many of the medical conditions that Oklahoma residents struggle with are completely hidden from view. While some of these latent disorders affect the physical functioning of their victims' bodies, others lurk in their mental states and psychological profiles.

Bipolar disorder as a basis for disability benefits

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by the oscillation of a person's mood between manic and depressed episodes. Also called manic-depressive disorder, bipolar disorder may present differently in different patients. It is because it can manifest in different ways that Oklahoma residents may need to provide extensive medical data in order to demonstrate that this condition is a disability under the rules of the Social Security Administration.

What is anxiety and how can it be disabling?

Anxiety is the common term used to describe a host of mental conditions that may affect how a person lives their life. The symptoms associated with anxiety disorders are wide ranging and can include nervousness, fear, trembling, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, worrying, and having trouble concentrating. When these symptoms become unmanageable, an Oklahoma resident may find that they are unable to focus on the important aspects of their life, including their job.

Get help when mental illness prevents employment

Living with mental illness can mean living with a disease that no one else in the world can see. It can mean facing misunderstandings about one's condition by those who are close to them and discrimination from those who do not understand the true nature of struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental disorder. Oklahoma residents who struggle with mental illness may feel the isolation of fighting a war that few others are aware are raging on inside of them.

How are eating disorders assessed by the SSA?

A severe eating disorder can disrupt the course of a sufferer's life. While some may believe that eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are self-imposed conditions that individuals can control, these and other conditions are recognized as mental diseases and may qualify Oklahoma residents for disability benefits. To qualify, individuals who suffer from these mental conditions must meet certain criteria.

Determining whether one can receive SSDI benefits for autism

There are many different things that can prevent a person in Oklahoma from being able to do various activities, including being able to work. Many times people think about physical injuries or illnesses that make it impossible for the person to do the various physical tasks for a job. However, mental conditions can be just as debilitating and can have just as much of an effect on people's ability to work as physical injuries or illnesses.

Depression may serve as a basis for disability benefits

Depression is a serious medical condition that affects many Oklahoma residents every year. While it may not be possible to tell if a person suffers from depression just by looking at them, medical evidence may demonstrate the serious and debilitating nature of a Social Security disability benefits applicant's mental condition based upon depression. This post will briefly discuss some of the factors that may be evaluated to determine that a person's depression is a disability, but readers are reminded that the information contained on this blog contains no legal or medical advice.

Living situations and evidence of disability with mental issues

Suffering from a mental condition is something that affects many people in Oklahoma. These issues can be so severe that the person cannot hold a regular job and needs to apply for Social Security disability benefits. When the Social Security Administration decides on the case and assesses whether the person's problems meet the criteria for qualifying mental conditions, numerous factors are considered. One is the applicant's living situation.

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