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SSA must assess a plan to work for those getting SSI benefits

While Supplemental Security Income is a program for those who are 65 and older, blind, disabled and have limited income and resources, it does not mean that a person who is getting these benefits cannot work. Many Oklahomans who need SSI-related benefits can do certain jobs, have various capabilities and want to try to get back in the workforce. For those in this category, the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) is in place. While there are certain criteria for PASS, one important part of the process is for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to evaluate the plan. For help with this or any other part of PASS, it is wise to have legal advice.

How does the SSA assess evidence about mental disorders?

Mental illness is a continuing problem for many people in Oklahoma and across the nation. If the problem is so severe that the person cannot work, it can warrant an approval for Social Security disability benefits. When filing for disability benefits, one of the key factors in getting approved is the evidence provided. For those with a mental disorder, it is imperative to provide sufficient evidence to have a good chance of getting the benefits. Before moving forward with a claim, it is useful to consult with a legal professional experienced in SSD cases.

Available options after SSDI denial

Social Security Disability Insurance can help to provide the financial stability that disabled parties cannot provide for themselves. Unfortunately, parties who are in need of the benefits may face denials for various reasons.

People getting SSD and SSI benefits will receive more in 2020

Oklahomans who are either getting Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income will receive a certain amount in benefits every month. Regardless of whether they are getting SSD or SSI, they should be cognizant of periodic increases in the amount they get. This frequently depends on various factors including the cost of living. It was recently announced by the Social Security Administration that people getting these benefits will receive an increase in 2020. For those already getting these benefits or seeking them, this can be an important piece of news.

What if I have too many resources for SSI benefits?

Oklahomans who meet the basic requirements to be approved for Supplemental Security Income might find themselves unable to get the benefits for other reasons. Simply being blind, disabled, 65 or older is not enough to be approved when applying for SSI benefits. The Social Security Administration must also assess the person's resources. If there are excess resources, this can prevent a person from getting benefits when they would otherwise have been approved. To address this and other SSI-related issues, it can often help to have experienced legal advice.

The importance of age for SSD benefits and an inability to work

If an Oklahoma resident is injured, ill or has a condition that results in an inability to work, Social Security Disability benefits can be a critical factor in making ends meet and getting treatment. However, many people are denied SSD benefits even if they seem to have a solid case from the beginning. This might not be due to factors related to their condition, but because of the information - or lack thereof - they provided to the Social Security Administration during the application process. There is a five-step process the SSA uses to make its determinations and it is important for people to adhere to this to have the best chance at an approval.

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