Appealing A Denied Claim

Even if your Social Security Disability application was initially denied, you should not give up. The Social Security Administration denies the vast majority of initial applications. Thankfully, there is an appeals process. I am attorney Gary Jones at The Law Center for Social Security Disability in Oklahoma City, and I can help you navigate the appeals process successfully.

The Stages Of Social Security Disability Appeals

I have more than 23 years of experience successfully guiding people like you through the appeals process. The first step will be to review your claim and determine whether we need to gather any additional material. Once I have all of the documentation necessary, I will proceed through the following stages:

Request for reconsideration: This is the first stage of the appeals process. It is simply a written request that the Social Security Administration reconsider your application.

Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge: In this stage of the appeals process, I will actually present information to an Administrative Law Judge. I can produce medical documentation and bring in doctors and vocational experts to testify. A substantial number of cases are won at this stage of the appeals process.

Review by the Appeals Council: If the administrative law judge's decision was not favorable, we can request that it be reviewed by the Appeals Council. It may make a decision or the claim may be sent back to the Administrative Law Judge.

Federal district court: The next level of the appeals process involves filing a civil action in federal district court. These cases are rare, but I have the skill to handle them.

Free Consultation About Social Security Disability Appeals

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